Oh, Andre, …(heavy sigh)

“We’ll always have our song..‘What’s Going On ‘”


…. Accented Solitude with Serenity…Pensive & Passionate was this soft-spoken Gentleman….. The Artist, sans beret, A 3 piece suit, instead, he donned during life’s daily dalliances- A dichotomy, with regal superior length dreadlocks; hanging sturdy amid dense, tied & tendriled, interwoven as quiet as a still-life portrait, is how he displayed his presence. Calming utterances of melodic musings. Perhaps his role was a bit-part in an orchestrated ensemble of life, but for some…..he will always be the *STAR* of this show. The undiscovered, mostly lone trail of an Entertainer Extraordinaire. The “never saw fame” painter, illustrator, sketching profoundly positioned one man orchestra, conducting the cold path of – A stranger? A purveyor? Of this multi-faceted enigmatic prism of sheer aptitude…The world just lost the man who delivered music entrancing everyone…….The planet just lost the guy, secretly creating symphonic magic to this dreary orb. This plane just said, “Rest In Peace” to the Pal of Perry….as his pawns shall remain in place on the board these Chaps played Chess…..Each & everytime he put a paintbrush to conduct his greatest mark of his heartfelt art, illustrator of perfection, now is Maestro & Messenger above the sky, to all the Angels….for now, our dear friend Andre’s residence is in Heaven……

The Assemblage of Fortitude

The wonderment of

In the Assemblage of

Fortitude, exists no lack.

The wonderment of

bewilderment, leaves

doubts, with no facts.

Universal waters,

pummeling outcries,

agonizing, in abysmal,

figure 8 tracks, going

round & round,


This “Horn-O’Plenty”,

globally interwoven amid

mesh & untatted lace.




Empty, bottomless wells,

eternally sated with as

much fervor, akin to




Monitoring, an endless

thirst, never seeming to

get quenched.

Caves of Carlsbad

Caves of Carlsbad

The surface on Mars,
Overtly oblique-
This “Sand Before Time”,
Utterly unique.
Fissured footprints,
Waried wanderers
While white-knuckling,
Quite the grab;
A “life preserver”.
Dusty dried
Up trails,
Fervent sage-brush,
Soaking up
Beams of a celestial body
Wrought with flames.
Infinite dance
Parade of shadows;
Murmurs the sigh,
Of shores longing,
To and fro;
Tradition their trek.
Miniature oases
Breed galactic
growth of
Organic organelles,
Spotting across
Flagstone flooring.
Salutations from
Slimy secrets;
Digits inserted,
Dalliance with depth,
Squeezing cephalopod.
Fiercly fed flames
Imps incubated
Amid arid acres.
Not Mars,
Mars is too far.
Terrain the same.
Enough said!
This place aint red!
If one looks no farther
Perhaps one went
Too far.
Explore recesses
Into pit of
Planet’s belly.
‘Neath trodden
Familiar place.
Not Outer Space!
Tis quite the seascape!
Archeological expeditions
Troops touring-
Future Girl Scout Triad
Toasting S’mores
At the
Caves of Carlsbad.

Astronauts Below The Surface

……Written as I gazed in awe at the Kelp Forest-Monterey Bay Aquarium on a Spiritual retreat……….


below the surface

Of a Universe

Gliding through

Ice skating on

Outer Space

Grand plateaus of liquid life


Fluidly with grace

O’er dotted mushrooms

Of coral life


depths beneath


Inward below galaxy



As far the eye can see

Yet docile as the

Gentle winds of fresh & light

Whispers of breeze

Organic walls

Of waving kelp

Seem to greet with a hello

At visitors

From up above

Hear thunderous mountains

Of waves of sprays



Slapping against

Craggy rest stops

Majestic spans

Of wings from feathered friends

Elegant, their dance

Above this universe

Of Neptune Lore


down below the surface




Many sit

Others roam

Either in schools

Or all alone


Standing entranced

As “Peekaboo Window”

Offers creatures’ dance

Amalgamated in size

No correlation

This enigmatic aperature of ebony

Murky. Dense

Compacted wells

From heaven’s tears

Not wise for



Echoes roar

Like lions

Yet quiet

So quietly

One must be still to truly listen

Pause. One moment of time

Whispers come

To me, in the wind

Only knowledge heard

From Elder’s love

Taking that moment

To pause

To breathe

So I can see

Dear Creator, what path do

You see for me?

My inner soul looks West

As my true home

This aguing soul bleeds

From a well of emptiness


My Ocean

Please help me shed

This Earthly need

To not wish to walk alone

Knowing inside

I always have you

Just, without a partner,

I’m never sure

Where I belong

When I pause

I know I’ll hear

I know when I truly listen

My Ancestors

Continue watching over me

I’ve trudged the earthly path

Of broken glass and fire

Filled with solace, guilt

And all those earthly dominion

idealisms. taught

My story’s been dictated

Told by so many, all my life

On this plane

My core hails from

An unknown terrain

I am a layer from

An onion–like orb of brilliance

Sparkly and bejeweled

Please understand my humanly

Earthly. Indifference

My essence belongs

To the tissue of

The womb of my

Earth as in Mother

Like a particle of sand

Found along my ocean

A piece of a magnitude

Of resilience

So is my essence

This is my truth

These are my facts

All are my Wisdom


Never long

This pavement alley,

Soon to cease

At water’s lip

A frontal ferry.

Back In the day

Hot summers.

Often I would say


Mr. Crusty 1 Armed

Fisher Man.

Offering what then

I thought to be

Smoked Salmon

Elusive wrap

News of Tomorrows

In yesteryear.

Breathe in,

Close eyes.

Breathe out,

Crash of waves

As gulls cry;

Water’s edge.

Velvet blankets

Lilliputian baubles

Of terra trinkets,


By Domain of Ra.

Salted sprinkles

Land atop

Chops, chafed

By unfiltered breath.

Calming to focus,

Aping watched


Farther out,

Surfers espied.


Warless worlds

Settled at depths

Inverse rockets





Crowds invade

Like fleshy ants.

Liberated paths

Underground atop

Each crash

Calling darkness,

Looming, unfolding,


Logged lane

Ceased mid air.

Stopped in time

On Poseidon’s Plain.

Dunes of Pismo




Hallowed dunes.

Esoteric, diminished rock,

Births sand, 

A holy place;

Whipping winds 


Flowing fluidly 

Exhumed powder 

Morphed from gravel

Cries from above whilst Announcements 

Call rebirth, 

Seagull of sienna. 

Existing now resisting 

Inhumane conditions. 

State of being; 


Plover nurseries 

Dotting grass of 

Icy crisp snaps 

Tiny twigs tend 

Tender fragile 

Fledglings across

Kelp infested dunes. 

Holograms; Egypt’s past. 

Seashell collections 

Offer recollections 

Childhood days 

Craggy trails

Gusts of Mimicked

Arctic sighs

Young dreamers 

Immersed inside 

Ebb & flow 

Pulled by moonbeams,

Traversing back 


Thrusting forth


Sunset crashing gently, 

Blanketing galaxy 

Of embered ebon.  

Plays the longing call 

Of passing whales 

As schools dart

Led by Echoing 

Calls of Instinct past

Indelibly written 

From quiddity 

Of Earth meets Water;

The Mother, 

Her Daughter. 

Drinks up 


Urges quenched 

By Mother’s Daughter.

Echoes hold 

Past moments 

Tumbling, turning 

Machinery down

Capsized in 

Mother’s hernia.

Her piles of 

Playtime dust 



Laughter giggles 



Listen close to 

Our Mother 



Rolling wrap of terry.

Mother’s dust, 

Solar paneled plains of

Hierarchal hills. 

Gulls call over 

Instinct uproars

Panoramic Plateaus of

Pismo Dunes

Her Heart

My heart is ripping apart-She cries alone, 

Once again, Wailing into this home of

Douglas Firs & Elderberry trees.

Thorny twisted branches of Half-dead blackberries, 

Hanging like still life, 

Brush-stroked to life 

Eternally remaining on canvas. 

My heart is ripping apart-

She bemoans sullenly, 

Becoming aware this brood, 

Titled “family”,

Their misconceptions,


Heartless labels. 

Not that person In a box created by strangers. 

My heart is ripping apart- 

She whispers her mantra 

Resuscitating herself 

Belief systems not belonging. 

“I know who I am.” 

Twisted, ill-conceived, Wrongly classified. 

My heart is ripping apart 

She darts her glance at a clock.

Dates on a calendar 

Screaming come home! 

Where the ones who know; 

Anticipate her return . 

Inspirer, motivator, uplifter, empowerer,

instilled of truth & wisdom

attained from her rich deep dark roots

enveloped by spirituality and knowledge

unbreakable by this brood

with their mislabeling. 

My heart is ripping apart-

She stays on; needed by one. 

As many await 

Needing hope & strength. 

My heart is ripping apart-

She will soon walk away 

Back where she’s missed, 

Needed & appreciated.  

Knowing this brood –

Only chance to meet her-

At her funeral,

When the many awaiting will

Enlighten them all 

The one who brings voice to so many

Will be truly remembered by their accolades aplenty. 

Her heart is ripping apart. 

She’ll walk away Not looking back 

Her real life is somewhere else

She won’t look back

She won’t go back 

She has shed this

canopy of disgust to whom it is owned

She will carry on 

Even after Her heart has ripped apart 

Suffering Suffragettes!

The big or the small, 

The harder they’d fall.

Yet, throughout it all, 

Was created their call.

The door opened for one, 

Yet, sadly, who knew?

If you’re black, brown or yellow,

This did not mean you.

The rallies were going,

The marches held on!

Equality demanded, 

Old attitudes be gone!

Behind a sea of unrelenting faces,

Determined to win, 

Toed any womyn of color,

Who, simply, did not fit in.

The womyn- they toiled, 

They trudged through the hate, 

Oppression no more!

We’ll determine our own fate!

Far in the back, 

Having each other to hold on,

Less considered ANY rights, 

Were ladies staying strong!

As much as bigotry

Had ruled as “The Norm”,

All womyn proclaimed, 

Together we reform!

After the fight, 

Unwavering to the end, 

Still left far behind, 

Womyn of color-

only themselves to defend.

Many decades would pass, 

Before these womyn would see, 

By 1965

They’d cry VICTORY!

Now do we all stand, 

Together with pride? 

No one among us, 

Shall ever have to hide!

When you hear all the rallies, 

99 years is their cheer, 

Remember, NOT ALL, 

Let’s be very clear! 

Stay humble proclaiming, 

Womyn’s right to vote, 

Remember the ones, 

Who DESERVE to take note!

Loss #1 – Gwhen

Over the past 3 years I’ve lost about 8 friends & family who crossed over to the other side.

Loss #1

Dear Gwhen,

   Sweet Earth Mother,
Regal Lady so Divine,
If you needed a warm hello,
you always made the time.
   You brought joy to those around,
Like that day over lunch,
Our hair we’d both dyed
Like the grape punch!
   I dubbed you “The Queen”
At both places we had met
You graced us with you
This we’ll never forget
   Whenever I sing, or around any Arts,
I’ll stop as I smile
Thinking of you,
Dear Gwhen,
Always, you’ll be in my heart.
   Your cherub, sweet face
And your warm, soft hello
God needs you more now
To keep Heaven mellow
   As you teach music
to angels,
In Heaven’s choir you now sing,
As your donning a halo
With a purple set of wings
   Dear Gwhen, thanks for being my friend
You brought comfort to me
I know your watching over us
From your mansion, in a bubble bath that’s of course, RENT FREE!! ✌